PROMETEO is a a synergistic project, funded by the Comunidad of Madrid, under Grant Y2018/NMT-4750

In this project we address the fundamental challenges of thrusters based on plasmas.

To this end, we exploit the synergies between two leading groups of research in the Community of Madrid. On one side we have the Space Propulsion and Plasmas Team (EP2) of UC3M, which works on Electric Space Propulsion (PEE), and on the other side the National Fusion Laboratory (LNF) of CIEMAT, which investigates on plasmas for Nuclear Fusion by Magnetic Confinement (FNCM). Both groups aim to confine and manipulate ionized gases (plasmas) efficiently, but the regimes, objectives, techniques, approach and knowledge are largely different.

TOGETHER, EP2 and LNF aim to solve important open problems in the field of PEE using the developments and research that occur in FNCM. The solution of these problems will enable technological breakthroughs with respect to the current thrusters, significantly increasing the efficiency of the PEEs. Moreover, being equally present problems in FNCM, the solution of these problems entails important advancements in this field too.