Tesis doctorales en curso que sustentan el proyecto PROMETEO:

  • Alberto Marín Cebrián. Kinetic modeling of Plasma-wall interaction phenomena in Hall Thrusters. Director: E. Ahedo
  • Enrique Bello Benítez. Study of turbulent transport in Hall thrusters. Director: E. Ahedo.
  • Francisco Javier Escoto López. Fast and accurate calculation of the bootstrap current in low collisionality stellarator plasmas. Directores: J.L. Velasco y I. Calvo.
  • Igor Voldiner. On the interaction between turbulence, plasma heating and atomic physics in plasmas. Directores: B. van Milligen y E. de la Cal.
  • Jesús Perales Díaz. Plasma-wall interaction and magnetic shielding in Hall thrusters. Director: E. Ahedo.
  • Jiewei Zhou. Modeling and simulation of the plasma discharge in a radiofrequency plasma thruster. Directores: E. Ahedo y P. Fajardo.
  • Marco Inchingolo. Design, development and characterization of a microwave electrodeless plasma thruster. Directores: M. Merino y J. Navarro.
  • Pedro Jiménez Jiménez. Investigation of wave-plasma interactions in electrodeless plasma thrusters. Directores: M. Merino y E. Ahedo.
  • Sadig Mulas. Experimental and numerical studies of Neutral Beam Current Drive and its impact on shear Alfven waves in the TJ-II stellarator. Director: A. Cappa.
  • Sara Correyero Plaza. Behavior of plasma jets accelerated by a magnetic nozzle. Directores: E. Ahedo y D. Packan (ONERA, Francia).
  • Tatiana Perrotin. Design, simulation and testing of a low power Hall Effect Thruster. Directores: P. Fajardo y E. Ahedo.
  • Víctor Gómez. Improvements in Helicon Plasma Thruster for its evolution of space applications. Directores: P. Fajardo y J. Navarro-Cavallé.