SENER Aeroespacial has developed equipment for Space applications for more than 50 years. In Space, SENER Aeroespacial supplies essential items for completing successful missions, such as Attitude or Control Systems (AOCS) and Guidance, Navigation and Control systems (GNC), radiofrequency (RF) equipment, optical systems, Ground Support Equipment (GSE), microgravity and life support systems and mechatronics. For all these systems, the Company provides design, analysis, development, procurement, product assurance, assembly, integration, verification and test capabilities to integrate the hardware, software and firmware required to develop them.

The Helicon Plasma Thruster (HPT), a technology under development by SENER and UC3M, is a radiofrequency powered plasma propulsion technology that can offer a good level of performance while eliminating many of the design and manufacturability issues – electrodes, high voltage electronics, and complex fabrication – which have afflicted EP systems to date.